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Why we love Persian cats

Renowned for their soft and luxurious fur, Persian cats are definitely one of the most appreciated pets. Because they are extremely cute when young and have a royal appearance when they are adults, many breeders try their luck with Persian cats. Even more, they look like stuffed animals when they do not move at all, so you might say they are a lovely decoration for your home.

Discover the stylish Persian cats

With a long history and being bred even since the times when Persians were a great power, the Persian cats are today one of the most popular breeds in the world. They are known for their tiny and flat noses and immense round eyes, but their temperament are what drawn most breeders to this species. There are actually two types of Persian shapes: traditional type and show type. If the show Persians display an exceptional flatness to their face, the traditional ones do not have the flatness so extreme.

If you are a lazybones and you have moods when you do not want to do anything, Persian cats are not for you. They require daily grooming and their fur needs meticulous care, otherwise it will become matted. If you are the kind of owner who enjoys spending his time with a Dubai escort from http://www.escortdirectory.com/escorts-dubai-145/, you will not have enough time for a Persian pet. Get a dog because this animal will not need as much grooming as Persians do.

Whether you live in Dubai, London or Paris, you have to find an experienced vet to take care of your pet and get proper treatments if it gets sick. This breed can experience excessive bleeding on injury, have a bad smell due to overabundance of skin oil or be affected by polycystic kidney disease. Kittens might be born with congenital eye defects, so make sure you will not breed males and females with problems that might be transmitted to the new kittens.

Persian cats prefer peaceful and quiet households. Their soft voice will charm your ears and their sweet nature will make you fall in love with them even from the first moment you will glaze into their eyes. Their fur can have a solid colour, with shades ranging from lilac, black, blue and white to cream, red or chocolate. You can get a chinchilla gold or shaded silver, but if you are a fan of tabbies you should get a cameo tabby or silver-patched tabby.

Himalayans – or a breed obtained from Persians crossed with Siamese – have a light beige or cream base coat, but they feature a darker shading – known as points – on tail, legs and face. However, both Persians and Himmies are a great companion if you prefer to lounge with them and snuggle them all they long. They will tolerate your presence and maybe thank you if you will get home just in time to feed them. We love Persians because they have a cuddling personality and they seem to pose for shows all the time. How can you not love these adorable fluffy creatures?

We are Desiree and Rob Loot and we live in the Netherlands.
We have been breeding Persians since 1990.
We breed Bi-colours and Vans, mainly dilute colours and occasionally dominants.
All our cats run the house freely, only our males have there own rooms.
In turns they sleep with us on the waterbed which they enjoy a lot.
Our kittens and their moms have their own room until there old
enough to join the others in the living-room.
We are a PKD tested cattery.
Please e-mail us if you have any questions.
Expected litters are announced on our Just Born page and
on the Available page are the kittens that are for sale.
All kittens are placed with a contract, please e-mail us for more details
if you are interested in one of our kittens.

Desiree & Rob Loot
Visserkreek 66
3206 GR Spijkenisse
The Netherlands
Tel. *31- (0)181-638817
Email: cats@cuba-libre.nu